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Prof. Batsheva Kerem

Batsheva K-2020 (002)

Is a Professor of Genetics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Prof. Kerem was part of the team that discovered and characterized the CFTR gene. Upon establishment of her own research laboratory in the Hebrew University, she established the national CF center, which developed population-screening methods for identification of CF among Jewish and Arab populations worldwide. Prof. Kerem further studied genotype-phenotype correlations ןin CF and the molecular basis underlying the genetic defect and the severity of the CF disease. Her research laboratory in recent years is focused on developing personalized medicine approaches for patients carrying rare CFTR mutations. 

Prof. Kerem has also been studying the genetic basis of chromosomal instability in early stages of cancer development. She is focusing on understanding the effect of cancer genes on DNA replication and genomic instability. Prof. Kerem is studying the molecular basis and the mechanisms underlying the specific sensitivity of fragile sites to replication stress in cancer.

During 1987-1990 Prof. Batsheva Kerem was a postdoc fellow, in the Research institute of the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 1986 she received her PhD thesis from the Hebrew University in a direct PhD program for outstanding students, and also graduated cum laude from the Hebrew University with a Biology degree.  

Prof. Kerem received numerous prizes, including the Teva Prize for Excellence in Human Genome (1993), the Julodan Prize for Contribution to Medicine (1993), the Joels Senior Lectureship for Excellence in Science (1996), the Abisch-Frenkel Prize for Excellence in Life Sciences (2003) and the Emet Prize in 2008.

During 1997-2014, Prof. Kerem established and chaired the National Genomic Knowledge Center at the Institute of Life Sciences at the Hebrew University, she served as the Head of Department of Genetics (2004-2006) and as the Head of the Authority for research students (from 2007-2011). During 2013-2020 Prof. Kerem was the university’s president advisor for promotion of women in science. 

Prof. Kerem is a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). She serves on the editorial board of the European Journal of Human Genetics (EJHG), EMBO Reports Journal and Trends in Genetics (TIGS).  

Prof. Kerem has published over 135 papers.

At the end of 2016, Prof. Batsheva Kerem, together with the Hebrew University and Integra Holdings, founded SpliSense, aiming at developing novel drug candidates based on antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) for genetic diseases. SpliSense is currently focusing on mutations in the CFTR gene for treating CF patients with unmet need. Prof. Kerem is the CSO of SpliSense.

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