Treatment for W1282X CF Mutation


The CF W1282X mutation generates a Premature Termination Codon (PTC), leading to RNA degradation induced by the Nonsense Mediated RNA Decay (NMD) mechanism.


W1282X does not respond to CFTR modulator drugs. Heterozygous patients carrying the F508del mutation and a minimal function mutation are responsive to Vertex triple combination therapy (Trikafta®).  Significantly, around 50% of CF patients carrying W1282X also carry a non-F508del mutation on the second allele. For those patients, no effective treatment is available.

SpliSense Solution

SPL23 ASO given by inhalation, penetrates the cells  and induces skipping over exon 23 in the CFTR transcript. Skipping exon 23 bypasses the NMD leading to mature and active CFTR. The activity of these CFTR channels can be further augmented by CFTR modulators.

The program is in IND enabling stages.

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