Who We Are

DNA amplification, Reverse transcription PCR, RNA, scientist

SpliSense is a clinical stage company focused on transformative RNA-based treatments. Our pioneering platform harnesses Antisense Oligonucleotides (ASOs) for treatment of genetic and pulmonary diseases.

Using an innovative approach. SpliSense aims to target the root cause of the disease, to overcome specific genetic mutations and modulate proteins expression and function.

SpliSense technology is based on the research of Prof. Batsheva Kerem (Hebrew University), which illustrated the value of ASO-based medication for genetic diseases. The company’s leadership has a strong track record in the genetics of pulmonary diseases, development of ASO therapies and inhaled treatments.

Our platform can be used for treatment of a variety of diseases, and our pipeline includes innovative therapies in various stages, from discovery to clinical phase. Furthermore, SpliSense has robust, diverse IP protecting its technologies and programs.

Little boy making inhalation with nebulizer at home.
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