VP Research

Dr. Efrat Ozeri Galai

להחליף תמונה - אפרת עוזרי גלאי

Dr. Ozeri Galai brings 15 years of experience in human genetics and CF. Since company establishment, Ozeri-Galai has led the research and development of SpliSense projects in the field of ASO-based therapies, including the discovery of new targets in CF, screening for leading drug candidates and preclinical development.  

In 2008-2012, Dr. Ozeri Galai was a research fellow in the Genetics Department at the Hebrew University. She received her PhD from the Hebrew University and graduated cum laude from the Hebrew University with a B.Sc. degree.

Dr. Ozeri-Galai published numerous papers, and her scientific work focuses on the mechanisms of genetic instability resulting from replication stress conditions.

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